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Mychael Carr Memorial Library

Gary Waite has provided a list of books in the Mychael Carr Memorial Library. Gary is the custodian of the bequest and manages it on behalf of the TR Register Australia.

The books are available for loan to financial members of the TR Register.

Contact Gary at:     03 9719 7417      0419 367 370     (Victoria)

I loan books by taking them to a club run (Victoria) or at a meeting night and they are returned the same way. Interstate loans would need to be by post at the expense of the borrower.

See the BOOK LIST (PDF document)
Recent Additions

Mychael Carr
Mychael Carr

The SU Reference Catalogue
16th Ed 2012 - Birlen Fuel Systems Ltd. - The book has 180 pages and contains a brief history of the SU, where to get spares, how to order, restoration, kits and part diagrams and part numbers.