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Ray Leslie (QLD) TR3A - 1960
TS 82004 O

The photo above (Apr 2009) shows Ray's TR, complete and registered.
Ray Leslie has supplied the restoration photos below. He says:
" I am sending some photos of my TR3A 1960 model, for the TR register gallery.  The car was purchased in Wollongong and was a front end write off and has been in a dry storage since 1973.  I have rebuilt the chassis using a spare chassis that came with the car, also I have strengthened as per TR specs., changed steering to rack and pinion, rear telescopic shocks, front sway bar and rear watts link.  Everything else on the car was worn out or missing, the engine oil was never changed (I believe).  The original colour was Sebring White and it is now Harvest Moon Beige and I believe it was the second last TR3A to be imported to Australia.  The car was back on the road in 2009."
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As purchased.
Attention to the front end.
Chassis back on the wheels.
Rebuilt engine awaiting re-installation.
Looking good ...
Complete and ready for registration.
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The photos below show some details of Ray's technical modifications
Ray says: "Here are some photos of modifications I have made to the TR.  All can be removed as required as all are bolted on.  I call the rear suspension a half watts link. I have added a fog and driving light, front sway bar, rear  telescopic shocks, tramp rods, power booster, header tank and over-flow bottle, crossflow Volvo radiator, thermo fan and rack & pinion steering."
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