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John Lamond (NSW)
TR2 1954 model
- Commission #
The car had been stored for 20 years. A Victorian Police Officer bought it to restore and kept it for 5 years. Neville Howell (VIC) bought it and completed the restoration in 1997. (Neville has restoration experience including a K3 MG).

In 1997, Les Scobie - Bright VIC purchased the car. John bought it from Les in June 1999.

The car featured in "Unique Cars" value guide 1997 and is believed to be an Australian delivered car.

John competed at Wakefield Park in the 2009 Bol D'or re-enactment
and is here seen at speed in the loop.
John is shown here receiving a certificate at the Bol D'or (details following)
The TRat the Port Macquarie Concours 2007
John and Wendy at the Port Macquarie Concours 2007
Enjoying a track day with GEAR at Wakefield Park.

An early low resolution pic of John's TR2