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Geoff Kelly (VIC) - TR2
1954 model - Commission # TS3269

Also see Geoff's additional Restoration Project: the ex Jim Neal TR3A TS 81592. June 2018

Geoff describes the TR and its known history (15 Oct 2017):

"I have just arrived home from picking up the new project from David Fitzsimons. The car is TS3269. It arrived in Melbourne in 1954 as one of 5 cars on the ship. Doug Whiteford was at the dock with the sales manager from Standard Triumph to pick his new car which he went onto to race. First car off the ship was a Geranium one to which Whiteford said "No way am I having the pink one". He got the next one which was red.

White TS3269 came off next and spent the next 12 months in the window of the Triumph dealer in Elizabeth Street Melbourne, as their demo car. Then came Joy Thompson, an attractive blonde haired model from Melbourne who had just got an insurance payout and decided to buy the TR2. She took the car to Harry Firth who did some mods and it became the only local car to regularly break the 18 second mark for the 1/4 mile sprints that were popular at the time. She also competed at Rob Roy and Templestowe hillclimbs in the car.

Picture one shows Joy lining up at Templestowe Hillclimb, car # 21. Thanks to Graeme White's book 'Sidescreen TRs' page 71 (Attachment #1)

In 1958 after 1100 miles, with the car still looking new,it was sold to well known Victorian racer, especially in historic racing, Ian McDonald. Ian continued to have Harry Firth look after the car. During that year work took him to Perth so the TR2 went as well- on the train. During this time Ian raced the car at a number events including the Caversham race track. Photo Two (appendix 2) shows the car finishing in second place in the 1958 WA Sports car Championship. The car was leading the race but Ian noticed the temp gauge going up so he backed off a bit which allowed the Negus Plymouth Special to pass him and win. When he got back to the pits he found that the vibration of the track had allowed the engine coolant drain tap to open and resulting in a loss of fluid. Again thanks to Graeme's book, page 100.(appendix 2)

Later in '58 the car returned to Victoria and raced at all the well known hillclimbs tracks and at Phillip Island and Tarrawingee near Wangaratta. The next pictures show the car at Honda bend at P.I. followed by a trail of tyre smoke and also racing another TR2 at Caversham.(appendix 3) At P.I. the car ran the bearings and Harry Firth decided to run tubes length wise through the sump to get some cooling, plus some baffling. Ians memories are that it was always a quick car and never had any problems bearing any other TRs or 100/4 Healeys. After about 18 moths of racing Ian bought the ex Elkins TR3 which he says was seriously modified and the car was sold to an unknown Victorian.

The history after 1960 is unknown until the car was purchased by Brendan Kelly, my uncle, in 1968. He purchased the car from someone in Brighton and it was wearing a very bad paint job of Vermillian Fire Red. Does this ring a bell with anyone? He painted the car cream and it was used as every day transport and weekend racing with the TSOA . Events took it to Calder and Sandown, many motorkanas and even dirt rallies. As a young kid this was my introduction to sports cars and was resonsible for my 'unhealthy'addition to TRs. I remember sitting in the passenger seat at a 'sedate' 70 mph as the car bounced around Broadford motorkana dirt track, way before the days of fun killing OH&S laws.

(Picture in TR Reg archives)

At this time it gained it's Victorian registration TR200. (appendix 4)

In 1972, much to my horror, the car was sold and Andrew Pounder of Werribee bought the car and restored the car during his ownership to 1994. It was then purchased by registered memeber David Fitzsimons and used regularly until early this year when an enthusiatic panel beater dismantled the car to do some rust repairs. The spot welds were all drilled out and the body is now a collection of pieces. With David's kind assistance, and the grateful help of John McCormack NSW, I am now the new owner of the car and have just got it home and unloaded.

See the pictures below. Yes there is a complete car there and because the body was carefully taken apart and new panels made, it will all go back together again. (However if someone has a good engine firewall I would be interested!!) The chassis is damaged but can be repaired and a few panels have a bit too much filler but all this can be rectified and the car put back to how I remember it in the late '60s/early '70s. Granted, there are a couple of 'weekends' work before it makes its next appearance on the road or going up a hillclimb, but in my eyes the car has done a full circle and come back to the Kelly family where it will be passed down to the kids and hopefully their kids if we still have petrol. I'll keep you updated with the restoration.

Geoff Kelly

Here are some photos of the bits of TS3269




Geoff advises - "the car I'm racing these days now the TR2 has gone to David Orchard is an '82 Tiga SC82.
Mine is the red car at the front , #82 doing my best trying to stay in front of the mid pack."

And below - we have a TR2, which I purchased from the estate of the late Roger Walker.
This is now in the care of Stan Lawrence from Qld. I believe he has almost finished the restoration.

This set below shows the unearthing of the above TR2 from storage at Roger Walker's garage.
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Roger would be pleased to see this!

The photos below are of Geoff's ex TR2, now owned by David Orchard

At the Thredbo Concours 2008

The car was purchased in Adelaide by Laurie Cousin (painted white) and used as race car. SA reg was SJB306
It was a long door 2 with one long door & one short door on drivers side. At that stage it was owned by Peter Whelan.SA. then Rodney Teakle - ACT. followed by Mark Stuckey - NSW.
In March 1994 it was bought by Geoff and restored - the short door replaced with a long door and a new engine fitted. Competition plaques and Cousins build plates are still attached.
Geoff raced it at Winton 1995 and has continued to run the car in Historic events. This photo is of Geoff at Phillip Island Historics in February 1999.

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This is what Geoff Kelly's well sorted TR2
looks like under the bonnet.
Geoff has sent these further pics of the car in competition in 2001