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Geoff Kelly (VIC) - TR3A

Some family Racing History

Geoff describes these photos: "Just a few more photos, this time of my uncle at Sandown in 1978. He and Kel Ricci used to pit and race together. In the 3rd photo the Morgan following the TR is being driven by Laurie Cousins. The second photo is at Morewell hillclimb. the car is now owned by Paul Mathers (Vic)."      See Geoff's main page

Photo #1 is taken coming out of Torana Corner at Sandown Raceway 1979 in an historic Group La race..
(For many years the corner was known as 'Peters Corner').
Drivers - Brendan Kelly TR3A, Graham Hoineville MG TC, other drivers unknown (Photo- Stan Alexander)
Any details on the other cars? - please contact RICK FLETCHER

Photo #2 is Nov 1979 at Morewell Hillclimb. Note the damage at the front left, caused in an earlier run in the day against the armco. This car is now owned by Paul Mathers (VIC).
Driver- Brendan Kelly - TR3A. (Photo- Greg Stanfield)

Photo #3 is again Sandown in 1979 and the first corner, at the end of the straight. Laurie Cousin is in the
TR engined Morgan following.
Drivers - Brendan Kelly - TR3A, Laurie Cousin - Morgan (Photo - Stan Alexander)