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Chris Jameson (VIC) TR3A
1960 model
- Commission # TS 78655
Engine no. TS 78893 E

The car was purchased from Frank Fenech in Qld (5 years ownership) expecting a bit of a restoration challenge.

2003 update: I spoke to previous owner from late 60s (a retired surgeon now living in Qld), who described the loss of the bonnet at 80 mph!!

2004 update: I have finally got my 3A on the road ... it is a work in progress, and I still have a bit to do, but it looks quite nice.
My family call it `Snapper', for some reason or other!
I work out at Essendon Airport, and I recently saw a couple of other quite worthy thoroughbreds on the tarmac, so I thought I would position `Snapper' for a formation shot...

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