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Tony Kowlson's report on his visit to view the 60th anniversary of the
Jabbeke 124mph Speed Record in a TR2!

Tony's Report:

In May/June Jen and I had an opportunity to combine our trip to Europe with the Jabbeke 60 year celebrations of the TR2 achieving 201 kph excellently organised by Patrick and his team from TR Register Belgium.

After registration we made a good decision by introducing ourselves to Richard, Roger, Julia and Beverley from UK as they had discovered the joys of Belgian beer which we were happy to join them in sampling. By the end of the evening I believe Victoria, Australia TR's have been twinned with the Chiltern group, wherever they are from!!

The following day we were offered seats by our hosts in TR's for the days activities as Marc had brought his TR6 and Helene her TR2, this made the day superb for us both and even getting lost on the tour of Flanders Fields was not totally due to language issues.

Access to the old strip of highway in the police complex and photos with police and others in period costume for the day was great, this was followed by a presentation at the Jabbeke cultural centre with TR2 and mini Stig before the lunch from the chip van and tour of Flanders Fields.

The following day was a display of the cars and to see 5 Francorchamps lined up together when I had seen my first one ever the day before was great.

The 3 sepia shots of each car present are presented by courtesy of the TR Register Belgium.

The photos above and below are of TS2

A sight not be seen in Australia - five TR2 Francorchamps side by side at Jabbeke.