Description by Viv Paine

"Perhaps the world’s most famous Triumph Italia and the only known example in Australia was on display at the Victorian Concours on Sunday 28 February.

“Yellow Peril” as it is affectionately known was restored from a rusty wreck by Revington TR in the UK around 2000-2001. Thereafter it became Revington’s  development car for various lightweight suspension components, a fuel injection kit and repro aluminium panels. With deep enough pockets, a complete new aluminium body shell can be ordered.

From the late 50s to early 60s somewhere around 329 Michelotti designed Italia 2000 Coupes were hand made in Turin by Vignale using the TR3A/3B chassis and drive train. Most were left hand drive with just a handful of RHD examples known. Spares were virtually non existent until recent times when the active Italia Registry within the UK TR Register started a campaign to identify and source the various exotic parts used in these cars. As a result owners are now more confident to begin restoring cars knowing the parts are there to finish the job.

In the flesh Italias are beautifully proportioned cars, in some ways resembling a small Maserati. However, for anyone thinking of adding an Italia to the shopping list, plan on spending upwards of $250,000 to land a good example in Australia." Viv Paine