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Conditional Registration for NSW Register members:
Two options:
  1. 60 day log book & drive where you like + club events
  2. the existing system for club events and invited events only
(the 60 day Log Book version)


The NSW Roads and Maritime Services Department (RMS) is currently trialling a new method of Conditional registration. Under this scheme the owner of a Historic vehicle can use the car for up to 60 days per year, in addition to authorised Register runs. Recording of this use is via a log book, which must be signed off before each day's travel. This allows much greater flexibility than the previous arrangement, where the car could be used only for authorised events and for maintenance runs.

The trial arrangement will last for two years, with a review to be carried out during that time.

For members currently on the Conditional scheme who wish to change over, the following steps are all that is required.

  1. Go to the RMS website, follow the prompts to "historic vehicles" and download the "Change of Records" (RMS form 1021), the link to which is in the FAQs on the Log Book Trial page. [OR this LINK will take you straight to the download]

  2. Fill in the appropriate details on this form (only a few are required), and take it, along with your current Rego certificate and your Certificate of Approved Operations to your local RMS office. You will be issued with a new Certificate of Approved Operations and a log book (this is actually a single sheet of paper, and make sure the RMS staff member signs this, as it authorises its use). There are no fees or charges associated with the transfer.

For those members STILL ON FULL REGO who wish to switch over, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the RMS website and download the "Application for Conditional Registration" (form 1246) and the "Historic Vehicle Declaration" (form 1259).

  2. Send the Declaration form together with a stamped return address envelope to John Pike, who will certify that you are a current financial member of the Register and that your car meets the eligibility requirements. John will then return the form to you.

  3. Obtain a Pink Slip inspection and ask the inspector to give you a paper copy.

  4. Take all the above documentation and your current number plates to your RMS office. You will be issued with new Historic plates and the relevant paperwork, in exchange for around $80. This fee covers registration and Third Party premiums plus the cost of the new plates. In subsequent years the costs will be around $50. You will be entitled to a refund of the unused full registration and Third Party fees, plus possibly a rebate on your comprehensive insurance policy (depending on your insurer).

In both the above scenarios there is no need to wait until your current rego expires before opting in to the trial. The trial allows a pro rata use at the rate of 15 days for each three months remaining on your current rego.


  1. Members currently on full rego will benefit by a yearly saving of up to at least $600, while being able to use their TRs as and when they like for 60 days per year in addition to authorised events.

  2. Members currently on Historic plates will have much greater flexibility to use their cars other than for maintenance runs and club events. There will be no need to contact John Pike to advise of a journey.


  1. You must be a current financial member of the Register.

  2. In order to protect your licence and your insurance, it is essential that you can prove you are using the car legitimately by:
    1. having the Sidescreen magazine or other relevant documentation to prove you are on an authorised run or,

    2. having the signed log book with you. This document must be signed before you leave home or an overnight stop, and gives you the authority to use the car for the day - you don't need to log where you are going.
      Note: If you are stopped by the Police and can't satisfy the above, you will be regarded as driving an unregistered vehicle, and both your Third Party and comprehensive insurances could be deemed invalid.

  3. This scheme will only work if all members play by the rules. It is incumbent on all of us to use the scheme the way it is intended, to make sure that we don't compromise the chances of the trial becoming a permanent arrangement.

If you have any queries regarding the new arrangements, please contact John Pike, who can hopefully answer your concerns.
(contact details on the website or in "Sidescreen")

October 2015

2. The existing Conditional Registration Scheme in NSW
  • you have to be a financial (or Life) member of the TR Register Australia.
  • the TR Register does NOT carry out inspections - it has to be done by an authorised inspection station.

To apply for initial registration:

  1. print off both the Application for Conditional Registration and the Historic Vehicle Declaration forms from this website

  2. if the car has not previously been registered in NSW you will need a Blue Slip inspection. You can find the name of the nearest inspection station by reference to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) website.

  3. 3. if the car has been registered in NSW you will need to obtain a Pink Slip inspection from an authorised inspection station. Check that they have a Rego Inspection Book, as the conditional process currently cannot be done electronically.

  4. take the Application for Conditional Registration with you, and get the inspecting station to sign the Vehicle Identification section.

  5. fill out the details on the left hand side of the Historic Vehicle Declaration form, then send this form , together with a SSA envelope to John Pike (address details in the inside back cover of the Sidescreen magazine). John will sign and stamp the document. Alternatively, if you wish you can scan the form and forward it electronically to John

  6. when the form is returned from John, take it and the other paperwork (including any previous registration papers) to your local RMS office. The staff will process the application, relieve you of a very modest amount of money and issue you with a new set of number plates, together with a Certificate of Approved Operations.

To renew Conditional Registration:

  1. about 6 weeks before rego is due, RMS will send you a renewal notice, together with an Historic Vehicle Declaration form

  2. have a Pink Slip inspection carried out.

  3. fill in the left side of the Declaration, and send with a SSA envelope or electronically to John, who will sign and stamp it on behalf of the Register.

  4. take the completed paperwork to the RMS. Note that it is still compulsory for your historic vehicle to display a rego sticker on the windscreen, and the approved operations certificate must be kept in the car at all times.