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This series of pages touches on the early days of the TR marque in Australia 
Early Australian TR History
Geoff says: "these pages are from the Dec 1971 edition of the TSOA Vic mag.
What happened to the TR2 and 3a pictured? One of our members may be able to fill in some history of their car?"
Photos and information courtesy of Geoff Kelly and the TSOA©

Geoff advises: "Brendan Kelly's TR2 is now owned by David Fitsimmons NSW. Also there is a young Bill Revill in a spitfire at Lakeland Hill climb.(I'll bet he hasn't seen that photo for a while). No idea what happened to Jack Rayes car."

Bill Revill: "No its not ‘not seen for a while’, I have NEVER seen that photo before!! How about that – this was when it was televised and my mates used to see the old Spittie on TV, thanks for that. The hillclimbs will continue – I am doing the NSW Hill climb champs this year in the old TR!!