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Club Member - John Muddle
Early Racing/ Competition Photos - NSW
This page shows some of the cars John has owned and campaigned over the years.
The first 2 photographs tie in with our previous "mystery TR" photo:

The photos below were taken at Amaroo Park where the above photo was taken and show .....?

John's first race meeting was at Oran Park in a 1963 MG TC squarerigger         (see progs - coming later)
Note the prize money ! (when we see the programs)
* Lithgow Hill climb was where I first met Terry Harris
* Brief history of my second sports racing car. The Tamell attached. Programmes from O.P. Sept 67, April 69, and W.Farm 68 show a variety of Triumphs were included in these events. We can track down some of these from the programs

* My latest sports cars, Lancia, Lotus 23, and Matich SR5 were all Group A sports cars. TRs subsequently as Marque Sports cars

* The Tamell which was a home made special featured a space frame construction, Renault Frigate (Frégate) rear end with sliding half shafts, 6 amal carbs,and a Falcon 6cyl engine. The body featured home made glass guards and aluminium panels. Following its sale to a Bob Sugden, it was purchased by a Maurice Palmer from Oakdale who in 2015 placed an ad in the Oily Rag seeking origins of a car called the Tamell. I made contact with Maurice who has had the car for 40 years. It has been restored, done a few hillclimbs with disc brakes and big tyres now but has never raced again. Thought you might be interested.

The photos below were taken at Warwick Farm (year?) with John at the wheel of the "Tamell Ford"

John at the wheel of the Tamell Ford - Warwick Farm


  • Built by MG Car Club friends Neil Stephens (Designer/engineer), John Muddle, John Mellen, and John Edwards.

  • ‘TAMELL’ named in gratitude to Tom Mellen, John Mellen’s father, who provided factory facilities at Villawood for the frame fabrication.

  • Car completed in the garage of John Muddle at 18 Altona St. Abbotsford.

  • The car was first track tested at Oran Park on Saturday 21.2.65. (Day Lex Davidson was killed at Sandown Park)

  • Further track testing occurred at Amaroo Park 1966 prior to the track being opened.

  • After several meetings John Muddle became the sole owner/driver of the Tamell. John Mellen acquired and drove a Formula 3 Brabham for several seasons with distinction before retiring from the sport.

  • The Tamell was raced regularly at Warwick Farm, Amaroo Park and Oran Park from 1967-69.

  • Major meetings included the prestigious Diamond Traders Trophy meeting at Oran Park where entrants such as Glynn Scott Lotus 23, John Goss Tornado and Andrew Roberts Climax Special participated.

  • The Tamell was sold around 1970 to Robert Sugden to make way for a rear engined Group A  sports car - the MS Lancia turbo.

  • The Tamell was the second of 10 race cars owned by John Muddle. They included:
    • MG TC single seater,
    • Tamell Ford,
    • MS Lancia turbo Group A sports,
    • Lotus 23b,
    • Matich SR5 BMW turbo Group A sports,
    • AF2 Cheetah Mk 6,
    • AF2 Ralt RT4,
    • AF2 Ralt RT30,
    • PRB Clubman,
    • Spa MGB.

  • Neil Stephens became a well known race engineer responsible for preparation of championship winning race cars for Steve Webb (Bolwell Nagari ) Chris Clearihan (Kaditcha- Aust title) and Peter Hopwood (Ralt RT4- Gold Star runner up). Neil was also the NSW agent for Bolwell cars.

  • Flexible CAMS rules of the period enabled enthusiast builders to produce remarkable and ingenious one off vehicles in the sports racing and racing categories. The Tamell Ford was one such example – ‘a backyard special’ built on a pocket money budget in a Sydney suburban garage.

John Muddle 23.10.2014