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This series of pages touches on the early days of the TR Register in Australia 
Early TR Register Club photos in Australia
1991 - all of the stock moved very quickly at this country used car lot?
Well... not really. See below for details.    Photos and information courtesy Graeme White©

Graeme says:
"I have always enjoyed this photograph - it was taken by me on the Register’s drive through the Hunter, on the Sunday morning after the 1991 Concours.

It was a photo opportunity not to be missed. The members and their TRs were in and out in a flash. It was a quiet little country used car yard (in beautiful downtown Dungog)."

Rick Fletcher - the identification of the cars is as follows: "005" Boyce Beeton in front;
Left to Right: brg "TR650" Bob Slender;  red TR3A Peter Montesin;   red TR2 Shirley Pitman;   blue TR3 Allan Bare;   powder blue "005" Geoff Fry; back row brg TR3 with hardtop, Roger Walker.

Bob Slender has confirmed:
"It is indeed Peter Montesin standing in front of his red TR3a and the green TR3 - Roger Walker."

Rick Fletcher:
As a matter of interest, I dug out my photos and have a slightly different angle showing more of Roger's car but less of Peter's who has yet to move his car into line. Ashley Talbot is shaking hands with ?????. I have a similar shot to Graeme's, sans people but it doesn't add to the record.

More on the photo below:
I thought the person shaking hands with Ashley may have been Bob Slender's brother, Geoff as I remember him being at the Concours. Turns out that it was and Geoff has sent a tongue in cheek response:
"Yes indeed I think I would agree that that photo is me. I was there and remember the car yard and the photo. I know I shook hands on the deal but don't ever recall getting the car, must be a bunch of crooks. I understand that they closed down shortly after - probably fly by nighters! Happy TRing"