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Early TR History in Australia
This series of pages touches on the early days of the TR marque in Australia 
This page is a tribute to the famous Doretti driver Lorraine Hill  

Historical Lorraine Hill photos - anyone with further information or photos, please contact or Graeme White
Historical information kindly provide by Graeme White.


Story by Graeme White
History shows that only a dozen or so Swallow Doretti roadsters were imported into Australia during 1954 -1955, and each gave their owners a great deal of enjoyment. However, only a few were known to be actively raced in sports car events around Australia. 

By 1956, the odd Swallow Doretti was finding its way into motor racing events and one of the first persons recorded to have raced a Swallow Doretti was Les Cosh, in the prestigious 1956 Australian Tourist Trophy run at the Albert Park lakeside circuit.

One Doretti owner who emerged in 1960 as a real stand-out, was a dashing Lorraine  Hill, and she became a most capable and competitive sports car driver in her rare Swallow Doretti roadster.   In her first appearance, at the extremely popular Victorian, Tarrawingee circuit, a determined Lorraine Hill managed to beat some of the most seasoned sports car competitors . Lorraine accumulated many impressive racing miles in her Doretti in and around the Sydney racetracks and is credited with enshrining the Swallow Doretti in our Australian motor sport history.  Lorraine was one of only a small number of ladies who lined up on the starting grid in her roadster during this period, when sports car racing was extremely popular and at its peak.  

The Swallow Doretti served Lorraine well and after retiring it, she went on to race Lotus Super 7s, circa 1963.