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This series of pages touches on the early days of the TR Register in Australia 
Early TR Register photos of Events in Victoria
These photos & details provided by Peter Standen, Wes Dayton & Geoff Kelly
Included are references to well known Victorian Drivers - and their TRs    (amended 22 July 2016)
Below - Kel Ricci in his TR3A at an unknown circuit (possibly the Sandown Castrol 400 in Sep 1983?). Certainly in 1983 or later. We know this because 1983 was the first year the car appeared in white.
It was Primrose Yellow when new but had been painted a red/burgundy colour whwn Kel bought it in 1975 (rego HGR017). Kel turned it into a pure racing car by lightening and other modifications. In May 1991 Kel rolled the TR in practice at Winton Historics. This car is now owned and raced by Wes Dayton (NSW).
Kel Passed away on June 30, 1998 at the age of 60.

Below - This photo was supplied by Wes Dayton and shows Kel Ricci in the TR at Tarrengower Hillclimb ca. 1977 with the TR in the red/ burgundy colour and with full road registration. Peter Standen remembers him running at the same venue in the 1980s.
Below (corrected - we now know the correct location)- the next 3 photos of Kel's car were supplied by Peter Standen when he was at the Moomba Historic meeting in March 1983 and show Kel Ricci's (now) white TR3A at the circuit.
Below - Moomba Historic meeting in March 1983 with some interesting cars behind Kel's TR. (Peter Standen photo)
Below - Peter Standen says: "It's interesting to look at the pits and the carpark back then, the lack of sheds and paving, the smaller number of competitors and the type of cars in the carpark."

Below - (corrected - we now know where & who) Peter Standen advises it was the Moomba Historic meeting in March 1983.The TR3 is, in fact, a TR3A with a TR3 front driven by Warren Tice (according to the program - included below). It is possible that the owner was Murray Richards, who owned Sports and Vintage Motoring with Kel Ricci. (Peter Standen photo)

And more from Geoff Kelly: "...this car is Laurie Cousins’ second race car, my old TR2 was his first one. Laurie sold the the car to Murray Richards who owned Sports and Vintage Motoring with Kel Ricci. Murray drove the TR3 in a couple of events and I think Warren Tice may have been guest driving the car on this occasion. A short time later it was bought by Andrew Millis who eventually fitted the 3A front apron as shown in the second photo below.
NOTE: The roll bar in #67 below is the same as that in #47 second one down. It was one made by Laurie and Geoff Cousins and appears in the photo of Andrew Millis with the car. The triple ear knock ons fitted to the car are also a dead giveaway. In the early '80s they were almost like gold!"

Below - Peter Standen took this photo of Andrew Millis at Winton (?) in 1985. This is the same car as shown above but now fitted with the correct (if damaged) TR3A front apron and the same roll bar and knock ons.
Info from Geoff James (NSW) and Geoff Kelly and with a little help from the Database:
"The TR3A seen below was the second TR owned and raced by Warren Tice and NOT, as first reported, the car above.
We hope to have a photo of that original car soon.

It was originally signal red with red vynide upholstery and fawn hood. Imported into Melbourne. Build date was Thursday 3 July 1958 2-3pm.
The Victorian rego no. was AWH889. It was later found in a garage at Sommerville VIC in the mid 1970s and restored as a race car by Warren Tice, Warrandyte VIC.It was grey when raced by Warren Tice. It was later purchased from Warren Tice by John Pettit in QLD in 1982 - still wih rego no. AWH889.
The car had been issued with a CAMS log book in 1980 and was raced at numerous historic meetings (class Sa) including - Calder; Templestowe; Winton; Sandown; Philip Is (1980 - 1982)
Geoff purchased it in Jan 2000 and commenced restoration. Gavin Rea then purchased it in 2003 and completed a thorough rebuild.
Below - Here is the second Warren Tice car today as restored by Gavin Rea.
Below - Peter Standen has provided the program forthe Moomba Historic meeting in March 1983
Below - in the carpark at the Historic Winton meeting in May 1983 are David Fraser’s TR3A with Roy Hartles’ Healey beside it.

Below - also in the carpark at the Historic Winton meeting in May 1983 is this unidentified TR3A JGL 400 (Vic). The only clue we have is that this TR3A is now owned by Ian Gallpen (Vic)
More from Geoff Kelly: " Ian Gallpen’s car, it was owned by a women who lived in Hastings Vic for a long time. This is the person that Ian bought it from and it's possible that he may have the details."

Any ideas who the previous owner may have been?

Below - yet another one in the carpark at Moomba in May 1983 is this unidentified TR3 CJ 058 (Vic).
Any ideas who owned this TR3?
Below - Winton 1985 but in the car park - with an as yet unidentified TR2 - Victorian rego TR 000 (Peter Standen photo)
[Graeme White suggests that TR 000 was the number plate on John McCormack's TR2 - now BRG ??]
Any ideas who may have owned this TR2?
Below - Peter Standen says: "The blue TR3A seen in the photo on the Winton Page in the 1980s belonged to (and was raced by) Gavin Baillieu using number 17 until at least 1987. I believe Gerry Lawson bought it off Gavin some time later." This photo was taken at the Moomba Historic meeting in March 1983 so Gavin Baillieu was still driving
Below - Peter has also supplied this program from Historic Winton 1987 - Click the RH image to read the fine print.
Below - Just to round it out this is Peter Standen's TR3A CHO255 on it's first outing in 1984 after a two year rebuild, taken at Mt Tarrengower hillclimb at Maldon.
If you have any photos of similar events to contribute - please advise the web manager.
We are only too happy to include them in the historic section.