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This series of pages touches on the early days of the TR Register in Australia 
Early TR Register Club photos in Australia
Gnoo Blas Historics 1994


Here's the latest from Alan Mitchell: NEW Full Video Footage of the 1994 GNOO BLAS REVIVAL (Orange NSW)

This is the FULL PRIME TV FOOTAGE (with thanks) featuring club members:

Rick Fletcher: "This was a bit of a crazy event which featured motorcycles running as well, as can be seen in the video. As the turns are right-hand, it was somewhat alarming to have a motorcycle whizz by your right elbow in the turns! I think it was the first year of the Revival as I don't recall motor cycles in the 2nd year. I think it was in the 3rd year that the Mini driver was killed on the "Mental" Straight (as confirmed by Bob Slender)."

Kindly supplied by Alan Mitchell: VIDEO FOOTAGE OF THE 1994 GNOO BLAS REVIVAL (Orange NSW)
It features club members:
  • John Murn (Red TR3A white helmet, possibly #1 with windscreen),
  • Alan Mitchell (Red Buchanan TR #72 with camera man in passenger seat),
  • Geoff James (Red TR3A white helmet, aeroscreen, TR059),
  • Rick Fletcher (Red TR2 black helmet #83 aeroscreen TR2054),
  • Boyce Beeton (Green TR3A with black hardtop)
  • Others attending but not running: Allan Bare, possibly Graham Griffith

I bought another slide scanner to resurrect the series of colour slides I took back in 1994

Below - cars L to R Boyce Beeton, Geoff James, Rick Fletcher, Alan Mitchell

Below - cars L to R Geoff James TR3A, Rick Fletcher TR2

Below - Geoff James TR3A

Click this photo for a readable version of the plaque near the start/finish line:

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