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Early TR History in Australia
This series of pages touches on the early days of the TR marque in Australia  
This page is a tribute to the legendary ELDRED NORMAN  

Eldred Norman in full flight in his TR2 at the 1954 Australian Grand Prix

Story by Graeme White
" ... I feel that we should have this gentleman on our web-site, because of his achievements in the TR. It was a brand new British sports car, and very new to Australia in early 1954 in what was known as “the good old days" or "the golden era of sports cars”.

Without a doubt, Sidescreen TRs were no slouches in motor sport, on the track or in rallying. This photo is of the legendary Eldred Norman in full flight in his TR2 at the 1954 Australian Grand Prix. It could be said that the TR2 made its competitive debut in Australia at Southport in Queensland.

Eldred, from South Australia, finished 4th in the Grand Prix, having first won the two supporting events on the day. As we all know Australia proved to be only a very small market for the TR 2, 3 and 3As, as most were exported to the U.S. However the survival rate is extremely good, as our Register numbers and enthusiasm clearly indicate. I hope that Eldred Norman meets your selection criteria of a interesting and historic photograph and can be included as he really kick-started the ball rolling for Triumph sports cars so to speak down under ?

The clipping below:

"It is from the now defunct magazine Australian Motor Sport, and gives a lot of info on this major Australian Event and helps to paint the picture of Triumphs amazing achievements on Sunday, 7th November 1954. Note the caravan facilities available on and close to the track."

£2,145 has the buying power of around $65,000 in 2013 terms (with $9000 dollars worth of trophies)

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