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This series of pages touches on the early days of the TR Register in Australia 
Early TR Register Club photos in Australia
Eastern Creek Historics 1995
Photos (Graeme White©) and captions Rick Fletcher
A group of Register members attended a VERY WET Eastern Creek, including Bob Slender (TR3A) Andrew Gibson (TR3A) Boyce Beeton (TR7),
Geoff James (TR3A), Rick Fletcher (TR3A), Bob Saunders (TR3A), Gordon Saunders (TR3A), Alan Mitchell (Buchanan?), John Murn (TR3A).
Below cars L to R Andrew Gibson, Rick Fletcher, Bob Slender, John Murn (with Boyce Beeton's TR7 behind the tent)
Below cars L to R Andrew Gibson, Rick Fletcher (with Alan Mitchell's 2500 behind)
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Below cars L to R John Murn, Bob Saunders, Gordon Saunders, Geoff James
Andrew Gibson
Bob Saunders at speed on the main straight passing the packed stand! (Bob is tall & used to sit on the floor of his car to drive!)