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Automobilia, Collections & TR Artifacts
Here are some interesting Collections, Automobilia and TR artifacts provided by TR owners.
If you have anything you would like to share, please contact:   
British 20P stamps
Kindly supplied by Mychael Carr
Stamps featuring a 1957 TR3A and the 125 Years anniversary of the first commercial oil well.
Kindly supplied by Mychael Carr
Club Badges
collected by Mychael Carr
British & European Motoring Show badges collected
and displayed by Mychael Carr

An after shave bottle released by AVON® - the label reads AVON TRIUMPH - TR3 '56     Deep Woods After Shave
Owned by Rick Fletcher
2009 update: On the same theme, John Kay (Tasmania) has sent in some additional photos of the
Original Box from his AVON® After Shave bottle!

This is what the original label said about the TR3