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This series of pages touches on the early days of the TR marque in Australia 
Early TR History in Australia
1955 Moomba TT at Albert Park
Photos and information courtesy Chris Lermanis© and Graeme White

Chris Lermanis says:
Interestingly, I rode my bike to Albert Park that day (March 1955) - my interest in TRs developed later.

The photo is scanned from a  commercial card in my "Nostalgia File"
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Graeme White has offered the following additional information:

Graeme says:
"Just a few words to go with that amazing Albert Park photo shown above.

It was taken by Ed Steet, a keen driver himself who took many photos around Victorian events in the 1950s. He also took another photo (shown below) of Whiteford's history making TR2 (706) racing number 50.

The photo at the left, shows Doug Whiteford himself.

Following Eldred Norman’s massive effort in the 1954 Australian Grand Prix, the other race result which really stands out was the Marques best-ever outright victory in Australia in the 100 mile Moomba Tourist Trophy event against some of the toughest sports car competitors. This was largely through the result of Doug Whiteford's enormous effort in his red Triumph TR2 (706) #50.

The 1955 TT provided a great deal of excitement for the large gathering of motor sport fans, and many in Melbourne were seeing the Triumph TR2 in competition for the very first time as it raced around the Park’s lakeside circuit.

History shows that actual race got away from a somewhat controversial start, with the fall of the starters flag, as those drivers well down at the back of the big field were slightly disadvantaged with the Le Mans start.

The following year (1956) the Moomba Tourist Trophy event was extended to 150 miles (48 laps) of the Albert Park circuit, and Doug Whiteford again drove brilliantly but could only manage a class win in his Triumph TR2 (706)"

In addition to the above, Graeme White has scoured his files and found:
"... the following promotional page from the now defunct motoring magazine 'Australian Motor Sports'. The attachment goes with Doug Whiteford’s and Triumph’s all time great victory in his red Triumph TR2 (706) at Albert Park, in 1955.
Doug Whiteford’s win will be forever remembered by TR2-3-3A enthusiasts."