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Garrie Hisco - TR3A - SA
1961 Model - Commission No. .....tba

Garrie's TR3A is undergoing restoration and details will follow.

Shown below are details of TRs Garrie previously owned.

TR2 TS 7074

This car came from Mt Gambier to Adelaide in 1970 and was owned by a young lady in her early 20s. Garrie Hisco purchased the car from her around 1973 and owned it until 1976.

Garrie says: "I bought it from Rick and Debbie Robinson (She was a Primary teacher at Watervale near Clare in South AustralIa ...he was a winemaker . I have a picture of the car with myself and the rego number visible - ‘Old RPD’ we used to call it. Bob Anderson (Register member) used to service the car for myself and before that Debbie Robinson."

A photo of TS 7074 when owned by Garrie Hisco

It was then owned by:

  • 1990 (approx) Ian Luker - Elizabeth Vale SA - rego RPD593.
  • 1997 - Philip Milford - Norwood SA - rego still RPD469.

The car underwent restoration in the 2 yr period preceeding 1998.

Alan Briggs purchased the car in 1998 and sold it on 6th May 2006, to Peter Jones. Peter thought that non-member Philip Milford was responsible for the restoration. Wayne Byrnes (SA) purchased the car in 2008.

TR3A (perhaps TS 71194?)

Garrie also owned a Powder Blue TR3A and says:

"The following pics are of my previous TR3A ( A FORMER Vic. Police Car ). I owned that car in 1972 .
At the same time I owned a Triumph Dove that I had purchased in Melbourne. I owned the Dove’ for 32 years having bought it from Dr. Brooks, the original owner. It was the only Dove’ sold into the Australian market by AMI ( the distributors for Aus at the time ).
I owned that car for 32 years before selling at back into Melbourne. As I understand it the car is still there .
I later imported another one from the UK into Australia. That car is believed to be still in Bendigo".

[It is quite possible (probable) that this car is the same one previously owned by Max Floreani (VIC) who purchased it in March 19?? for $7000 from R.L.Crisp - Sandringham.
It was a former Victoria Police vehicle used by the Victoria Police from June 1960 to Sept 1960 for highway patrol.
[It was later owned by Ian Meates (Vic) and now is in the care of Allan Wettenhall (VIC). There can't be too many Powder Blue ex. Vic Police cars around!.... Rick Fletcher]

Viv Paine has added the following detail:
" The 3A is indeed the ex Victoria Police (Calder Highway - Melb to Bendigo Patrol) car. Max Floreani of Bendigo purchased the TR from R.L.Crisp of Sandringham. All these years later Rodney Crisp remains a Victorian Stipendary Magistrate, as was the owner before him, retired Chief Stipendiary Magistrate John "Darcy" Dugan. So a couple of prominent owners along the way."

This was TS 71194 as owned by Victoria Police


Photos of Garrie's Dove which he owned for 32 years.