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Terry & Jenny Hicks (NSW) - TR3A
1960 model -
Commission # TS 81072 O,   Engine # TS81363E (see Page 1)

And here are some of the OTHER CARS in their life - thanks for sharing the story
Terry & Jenny. It is always surprising to see how skillful & creative our members are.

Back in the 60's I was involved in club motorsport. Hillclimbs, lap dashes and such. I spent time in Broken Hill and became interested in old cars. I married and had three children. I couldn't return to motor sport so I decided to buy an old car as a family activity.

In 1991 I bought a running 1928 Chevrolet tourer. It ran for a few years before being restored thoroughly during 1995. That car lasted until 2017 and covered some 50000 miles but ultimately it became a worry in modern traffic. It also needed more work. It was sold and lives happily in the country. It recently returned from Tasmania.

In this delightful photo we see the '28 Chev and the family dressed in period costume at Daceyville Sydney.

The 1948 Fleetmaster Sedan was bought in 1994 for long distance runs. It had survived years as a piece of playground equipment in an orphanage. It was restored by a RAAF stores officer hence the blue paint job. The interior trim was donated by the PM who had more than enough spare seat material for his Boeing. It was an excellent car.

In 1998 I was doing some maintenance using an oxy torch and set fire to it! I discovered that it had about eight paint jobs. Jenny removed the trim for cleaning and we found the original trim still in place. We decided to repaint and retrim. It travelled some 20000 miles. By 2004 we had completed the TR. The children had grown and gone and it was sold mainly to make space.

Here we see the car reprised after Terry's incendiary experiments.

A lovely restoration job Terry.

The 1938 Roadster had been purchased in 1998 on a whim and lived in the garden. It was a rare car that had lived in a creek for years. All that was salvaged was the tub, boot lid, doors and hood irons. The rest came from a variety of sedans, coupes and utes. Long story. The engine was a spare for my 1948. It was registered in 2012. Since then it has covered some 5000 miles. It is a comfortable and strong car though crossply tyres and cart springs limit it to about 60 mph.

This one is also a credit to Terry & Jenny's restoration skills.

The 1960 FB Holden was bought in 1995 for my eldest son. He drove it for a few years as his daily driver before he bought a modern car. It was restored in 1998 and has served well ever since. It carries his wife and four children. It is handy when the modern cars fail.

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