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Mike Hewlett WA
TR3A - Comm No: TS 25741 (ex South Africa)
1962 model aka "Doris"

Triumph TR3A "Doris"

We are still part way through the renovation programme and the recent panel work and respray using Lotus "Monaco White" looks great. You can just see the new red leather seats and the Hood Sticks Bag, in the same leather, will be on by Easter. The 72 Spoke wheels are new and the two Lucas spots are origninals but still good, both from Ebay.

The car was in a real sorry state when we bought it a couple of years ago and since then, I have carried out a lot of mechanical work on the suspension and steering, new radiator, water pump, electric fan, distributor etc. It runs well now but I would like to get the engine & gearbox out to fix up some of the oil leaks, well, maybe one day when I am not driving it. We have retrimmed the interior in red leather and the new red carpets finish it off beautifilly. 

The front facing view does not show my wife Diane having a bad hair day, but is our lovely Golden Retreiver 'Boris". Generally, Diane and I use the TR most weekends and love a trip to the coast or vineyards plus there is room in the back for Boris, he seems to like being the Navigator, he just needs some goggles and helmet.  The car came from Durban SA originally but appears to have spent most of its life here in Oz. I have been in touch with the TR Register in SA and they know the original owner but they don't have any build details or when it came to Oz.   

Mike Hewlett