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Ian Heriot (Victoria) - TR3
1956 model -
Commission # TS10804
Build date: 6.4.56

As purchased on 29/9/1998

The car was locally assembled and at one stage was registered as TR344 (VIC).
Has previously been owned by Andrew Long (Mt Eliza - VIC) and then by Geoff Kelly.
Ian purchased the car from Geoff in Sep 1998

This was a ground-up restoration for every-day street use, emphasizing safety and reliability.
Restoration details include:

  • Disk brakes (later model TR3)
  • Bosch ignition
  • Alternator
  • Immobiliser
  • Electrics enhanced with later TR3 rear indicators, emergency flashers, internal light, halogen headlights, fog lights and reversing lights (using rear indicators)
  • Wheels are standard hubs with 6 safety rims
  • Tyres are Pirelli P 6000
  • Motor rebuilt, including Wade cam, rebuilt carbys (Muller & Jacka)

The following photos (including the next page) illustrate aspects of the restoration:

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