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Graham Harris (WA) TR3A
1959 model
- Commission # TS/57849-L

The following details are from the heritage trust factory records.
Triumph TR3A Chassis number TS/57849-L
Engine number TS/58018-E
Body number 1061378-TS
Date of build 24 August 1959

"I purchased the car from a chap in London who had purchased it in the U S A , it was shipped to Perth and arrived on the 19th of Feb 2009.
After completely  dismantling I replaced the boot floor and half the rear wheel arches, left and right front floors, inner and outer sills
and repaired the left hand inner 1/4 panel and replaced the outer. Rebuilt the right hand 1/4 panel new door skins, repaired kick panels
and fire wall replaced  front inner fender mounting points and lower sections of front fenders".

"After many other repairs on every part of the  vehicle I finally painted the car with De Beer two pack New White which I think looks pretty good "
Looking Good - Before and after
Engine and chassis detail
"3 years in the shed and I finally got it registered on the 28 of Feb 20012 ".