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Wilf Hardy (NSW) TR2
1955 model
- Commission # TS 7972

Wilf has sent us this shot taken with both of his cars in June 2013 at
the Great Lakes Historic Automobile Club annual car show at Tuncurry .

"I recently filled in a few days (or rather weeks) getting the old hardtop lined, painted and perpex window polished (14 days hard labour). I did this because I was fed up being cooked in the summer sun up here in the North when taking theTR 2 for a spin at this time of year.
I must say it's now absolutely glorious to drive in the heat. I think the insulated head lining I chose to fit has helped heaps, plus absorbed most of the gear whine, drumming etc. to make the car feel like a darned sedan!        
I've now also taken on the job of editor for our local club (Marque Sports Car Register N.Q.) newsletter and was pleasantly surprised at our Christmas party/trophy presentation to get the trophy for Club Car of 2006; Triumph TR 2! We are starting to catch up with the South up here now too with regard to fuels as 98 RON is now available. The old TR2 has been absolutely transformed running on these fuels! I guess the release of these fuels is considered economic now our population has exploded, mainly due to the mining boom (plus the fact residents have almost unlimited water)". Wilf Hardy.

Wilf's newly restored TR2 led the pre-game parade at the
Cowboys/ Wests Tigers NRL game in Townsville (17th May 2003)
This is Wilf's rebuild of his son's MG TC. A lovely job, however Wilf says - "What an awful thing to drive after owning a good TR!! I had a TC in my distant youth and thought it was wonderful - even when TRs passed me going so fast I thought I must have stopped!"
Wilf is fairly "keen" on his car!!

Wilf bought the car in the late 1970s for $500 in pieces.
Commission # TS 7972 Engine # TS8383E

TR driven by Wilf's son Malcolm at the V8 Supercars Sucrogen 400 in Townsville July 2011, taking part in the Drivers Parade -
his passengers are V8 driver Alex Davison (spelt wrongly on the windscreen sticker) and showgirl.

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After 33 years of anguish, I now know the commission number of my 1955 TR2. The numbers tally and in addition, after my 33 years ownership, the 11 years ownership of the fellow I bought the car off and his knowledge of the fellow he bought it off, I know its the original engine.