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Terry & Lesley Goodall (NSW)
TR3B - 1962 model - Commission No. TCF287L

Built on 28.05.62 and despatched to L.A. on 7.06.62 Terry & Lesley at the Echuca Concours 2013 (photo Marlene Lyell©)

When Terry & Lesley were married in 2008, the TR featured prominently:
Photos supplied by Gavin Rea©
Some history:
TR3B - a 1962 model - Comm # TCF287L ... more pics

L to R: the original owner Lynn Siler (see below) on a visit from the USA, the 3B with trophies and Terry

The car was purchased from Chris Barnes in Adelaide on 14.05.94.
It was a one owner car - originally owned by Lynn A Siler who purchased it in 1963 and sold it in 1988 (possibly 1990 ? see letter below). The car had severe front and rear damage in 1968. It arrived in Australia in late 1988 and was in storage until 1994.

Built on 28.05.62 and despatched to L.A. on 7.06.62

It has an adjsutable steering column and is now fitted with rack & pinion steering column and RHD.

Terry was fortunate enough to receive many original documents with the car and from the original owner who visited Terry in 2000. View some of these documents including the original guarantee (look here). The following is an extract from a letter written by Lynn Siler...

July 13, 1994

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your interest in the history of the Triumph TR3B, which you now own. I greatly enjoyed owning it from late 1963 until 1990 when I sold it to someone who said they were in the restoring business.

From 1963 until 1975 it was the vehicle that I used primarily for business and pleasure. At that time my son, John graduated from high school and I gave the car to him. He used it until he went into military service in September 1975. At this point it was garaged until he separated from the military service. When he returned about 1978, John used it until he bought a truck in 1980. After that it was not used very much and remained in the garage until it was sold in 1990.

The TR3B was a used car with about 3,000 miles on it and I do not know if it was a dealer's car or had been previously owned. The dealer from whom I bought it is no longer in business but at the time of purchase he was an authorized Triumph dealer. You probably have the name of the dealer on the paperwork that you received with the car.

When I got the car, I noticed door misalignment and that one hinge was black, while all the others were red. I tried several times to realign the door but the hinge nut plate did not have sufficient travel in the direction needed for correct alignment. It did not occur to me that the hinge was dimensionally incorrect, as you discovered.

The seat and cockpit upholstery were replaced in about 1973. It was done by a professional upholsterer however, he did not replace it with leather.

Sometime during the mid 1970's the speedometer cable broke and was not replaced for about three months. We would have probably put on about 3,000 miles during that time. The true mileage when you got the car was probably about 81,000 miles.

The car sustained fairly severe front and rear damage in about 1968, when I was struck from behind and propelled into a car ahead of me. The repair was accomplished by a professional body shop, but I wasn't too pleased with the workmanship. Two other mishaps occurred later when John, our son was driving the car. The first resulted from skidding into a dirt pile, damaging the right rear wheel. The wheel was replaced and the major dent taken out of the fender. The second occurred when someone backed into the left front. This was not completely repaired....