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Gearbox Lifting Crane - Jan Rijckaertj, Belgian TR Register 2003
The material below was described by Jan ...
"I wrote a small article about it last month for our local Belgian TR Register magazine...

It looks like a small engine lifting crane, actuated by a small hydraulic jack, and since it has four castor wheels you can move around your workplace with the gearbox hanging about 2.5 ft in the air.
I attached the rope somewhere on the separation line between gearbox and ovedrive and as you can see on the picture this proved to be very near to the point of gravity so that the box was hanging horizontaly.
I also made several holes in the vertical link of the crane to adjust height of the lifting hook without loosing lifting capacity of the jack.
Be sure to bolt the jack on the frame so that it can not jump away when the load is on it. The main advantage of a hydraulic jack is that you can lift or lower the gearbox very slowly, and exactly where you want it, without going too far.
The frame was made from 40 x 40 mm square steel tubing and the hydraulic jack was the cheapest I could find. Castor wheels were designed for 50 kg capacity each." Jan Rijckaertj