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The late Bill French (QLD)
This car has been sold to Dennis Belcher (Qld)
TR3A    1960 model
Bill owned the car from 1973, with the car having been in storage since the rego ran out in December 73. We do not know any of its prior history, but the car looks as though it had a very hard life in the first 13 years (possibly a rally history on dirt roads) with the chassis having poorly repaired accident damage at the front from several accidents and the bulkhead being cracked in every seam (and other places) and the floor is also cracked in many places.
The dash panel is much modified, with minor instruments moved, and additional switches labelled fog light, spot light and interior light. Also present is a large hole in the bulkhead on the passenger side ahead of where the glove box should be, if we had one.
The head has been ported along with the inlet manifold, and the car run with air intake trumpets and no air cleaners. It was originally powder blue in colour, and has been repainted metallic twice from the evidence on the body.
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"The Anatomy of a Rebuild"