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David Fraser (Dec. 18/6/08) - TR3A - NSW
1960 TR3A    Commission # TS80467

Alan Mitchell - " We first met David when he drove up from Albury in his red 3A (GOZ-163) in 1978 for one of those Randwick Race Course sports car display days, which was a big event at the time, like the Shannon's days now. David became a good Register friend after that, and in the early Winton Race Meetings, which were in winter John Murn and I sometimes stayed at his place and we always spent time with him.
He was on site organiser in putting on a concourse weekend in Albury in November 1985. He also accommodated 5 Register members at his home, organised the old Hume Weir Circuit for those of us who wanted to do timed laps.
There is a write up of this event and thanks to David in the December 1985 newsletter, for his organisation. David probably attended all or most national meetings for 25 years after that 1978 meeting. David was one of the original founding members of the Riverina Sporting Car Club which is now celebrating its 25th anniversary."

John Murn: -
"It is probably also worth mentioning David's lifelong love of 78 records and the music from that era. For many years he had a weekly radio show in Albury that he would assemble the music and script for himself. I seem to recall that David worked in commercial radio in Melbourne when he was very young.
David was (as is well known) a great enthusiast and at one stage owned (all at the same time) the familiar red TR3A which is now with Graham Rutledge, his immaculately restored TR4A and his "daily user" TR4. Over the years he restored many cars including Morris Minors and earlier on, pre-war Sunbeams.
He was a luminary of the local Riverina Sports Car Association, apart from being a founder acting as editor of the club magazine for some years and probably in other committee positions as well.
He worked for many years as a machinist at the various incarnations of Borg-Warner, mostly on gearbox parts.
David was an unforgettably warm and caring person who has been greatly missed since the onset of serious illness robbed him of the ability to interact with friends and family.