For Sale 
"The Half Screen" or" Split System" or "Sissy Screens"

After the success of the great "Adamski " Bug Screen, and a lot of comments of 'I never have to clean the radiator of squashed insects, I just wipe them off the screen', The Great Adamski has been busy in the laboratory and over the last year or two or three, has gone past the trial, redesigning, strengthening and road testing stage (and they work).

Introducing "The Half Screen" or" Split System" or "Sissy Screens" as someone called them (and it may just stick!).

As a half screen they reduce a lot of wind buffeting to something near comfort, and with the top half fitted, as good as full screen, or one full on one side and half the other also works well.

Robin is happy with half or full screen, she can read the newspaper and do the crosswords fairly easy either way, and, of course storage comes into it, no need to explain that, as the photos give you a clue to fitment.

I have one set for the TR2 "Trevor" the wedge fitting, and, one for the TR3A "Sparra" a 'Dzus' fitting. I intend to try to get them to be a universal fit.

Anyone interested will need to supply the frames. At this stage materials should work out at about $350.00.+ Labour, who knows! I will try for a kit approach, so that the whole amazing club can benefit and own the project.

Contact Bob Adams - phone: 03 51591383       or email