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Mike Ford (ACT) TR3A
1960 model
- Commission # TS81690

See historical details, up to 2007 further down the page.

This year 2014 has been working to fix the problem of ‘brewer’s droop’ of the front apron that has been with the car since purchase [presumably as the result of a prang in its earlier days].  A bent and battered apron was obtained from a local register member, David Thomson, who had been using it for sheet metal and welding practice, and it was persuaded into a reasonable shape and painted. With further persuasion it has been a close enough fit to enable the original apron to be removed for major surgery, while leaving the TR mobile and participating in events.  The surgery has now been done and the long preparation of the surface in preparation for painting is now in process.  The opportunity was taken to fit overriders for the first time.  This will of course result in another complete repaint, a skill I am getting better at.

Jun 2014 – Temporary Apron and Overriders fitted, with some panels painted.

Mike Ford’s TR Story - 2007 on...

In 2007 one of my granddaughters informed me that she would like to arrive at her Year 12 Formal in the TR3A in Dec 2008.  What an incentive to put the TR back on the road after19 years.  Having progressed to a Citroen C5, which was trouble free, worktime was available.
A rebuilt gearbox, head overhaul, all shock absorbers replaced and complete repaint later, the new plates went on at 5pm on the day for a pickup at 6pm for the Formal.

Dec 2008 – With the help of Graham Brohan and John Blake, granddaughter, boyfriend and girlfriend started out for the Formal

Dec 2008 – Delivery to the formal at the National Museum.

Converted to Club Concessional registration with The ACT Triumph Car Club and participated in a number of their events and Terribly British Days, as well as the local TR Register events.

Dec 2009 – Terribly British Day at Lake Burley Griffen

Dec 2011 – Terribly British Day in the Treasury Carpark

Slowly improvements were added.  In 2011 some old side curtain frames were located and rebuilt and a hood finally added in 2012.

Oct 2012 – Finally a hood appears on the TR again after 32 years.

Dec 2012 – Terribly British Day in the Treasury Carpark

Oct 2013 – Participating in the Canberra Centenary Rally

Dec 2013– Terribly British Day back at Lake Burley Griffen

History up to 2007

Mike purchased the car in August 1974 in Sydney for $1200. It was BRG with black upholstery. The steering wheel had been replaced with a sports wheel and the column electrics transferred to the dash. There were no sidecurtains and no sidecurtain brackets. Power brakes had been installed. The upholstery/trim had been replaced, except for the door and rear body trim which had been re-dyed from red to black (I assume originally red upholstery/trim).

I drove the car in Sydney and then in Canberra until 1990 as a commuting car. In Canberra it was driven without the hood for 11 years as it was too cracked after two years of non-use in the dry 1979/80 weather. I only got drowned a couple of times when the traffic slowed down in really heavy downpours. Not much done to the car other than a respray and maintenance to keep it going.

Persistent problems with the cooling system and head gasket followed. After many replacements of the head gasket water was found in the sump. Stripping the engine revealed a horizontal crack in the webbing of the block. On obtaining a replacement used block, with long head studs, from Toongabbie it dawned on me that a previous owner had substituted a Vanguard block with enlarged short head studs, to suit the TR head. The reaming out of larger holes further weakened the top of the block. 100ftlb of torque eventually pulled the top of the block off.

In 1989 I lost a tooth on the 1st/reverse gear of the lower cluster. Five months of driving without reverse meant a lot of careful parking.

Buying a Citroen CX2200 in 1990 and keeping that alive has put the TR on the back burner and it has become a "gunna". In the 2001 Xmas break I brought the engine on line, started it and drove it out of the garage for the first time in six years. Felt I had to do that before taking the gearbox out and having a go at it. A lot of rust is showing through the paintwork and this will probably need to be sandblasted back.

I had previously owned a TR3A, bought new in Melbourne in 1960. A white car with blue upholstery/trim, HEY 293. I sold it in 1963 in Melbourne when I was posted overseas to the USA for two years.