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Triumph TR2 1954
Commision No. TS4006 O
This car was the 5th "short door" car in the world.
Built by the Standard Motor Co. on 28th September 1954 and exported to Melbourne - Australia
This was my car until May 1997 when it was sold it to the Orlando Wyndham Group to be used in a promotional venture for a new wine... Red TR2 of course!
I still have "Bluey" - a TR3A which I used for Rallies and Historic Racing but it is nothing like the TR2 in terms of ride and originality.
1994 at Bright (Vic) Concours - the car behind is the late Geoff Scorer's Geranium Red TR2

The first production TR2 rolled off the assembly line at Canley in the UK in August 1953. Only 250 cars were built in 1953.

There was no production TR1 - the only car produced was a prototype for the Earls Court motor show in 1952. The TR1 was styled by Walter Belgrove but had serious handling problems. Ken Richardson was hired from BRM to redesign the chassis which was successfully completed. A prototype TR2 achieved a 2 way speed of 124mph in May of 1953.

Six TR2s were entered in the Tourist Trophy race at Ulster - they finished 1st and 2nd in the Team awards and were 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th overall. They were probably the cheapest cars in the event.

A privately entered TR2 completed the 1954 Le Mans at an average speed of 74.71 mph and 34.68 mpg. The TR had numerous successes in a variety of UK and continental rallies and later models were again entered at Le Mans

The first major design change occurred in September 1954. This included the fitting of fixed sills under the doors. Prior to that it was almost impossible to open the doors when parked against a kerb. That change occured at car no. 4002. This car is no. 4006 and is thus the 5th "short door" car in the world.

TS4006 was built between 8.30 and 9.30 am on Wednesday the 28th September 1954 ! It was exported to Melbourne in its original signal red colour with wire wheels and electric overdrive (top gear only). Only 8628 TR2s were manufactured by the Standard Motor Co. Most (5805) were exported, many to the USA. The TR3 followed in 1955 and 13377 of this model were made. The TR3A was the last of the so-called "side screen" Trs and over 58000 were made until October 1961.

I purchased the car in Feb 1987 in very poor condition. Restoration did not commence until late 1988 as it was clear that a "ground-up" rebuild was required. The story board shows part of this reconstruction process. Where possible, original parts were retained and rebuilt but all mechanical parts were replaced when new ones were available. Most of the receipts accompany the car along with a full set of original tools, crank handle, jack, wheel mallet, instruction manual and workshop manual.

The engine is a wet sleeve motor of approximately 2 litre capacity. The block was acquired brand new during rebuild in 1989 and new pistons and sleeves were re-fitted in 1996 due to a cracked ring.

The restored chassis was first entered in a Concours in 1990 and won the trophy for the best restoration project. Since 1991, the car has been judged the Best TR2 at each Concours attended.

These cars are simple and easy to maintain. The TR3 was the first cheap production sports car in the world to be fitted with disk brakes. A TR2 will return over 30mpg and can be comfortably driven over long distances. It fulfills the mark of a true sports car - you can touch the road whilst sitting in the drivers seat ... and there's no room for the kids!