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This car was sold two or three years ago through the Healey Factory in Melbourne and was exported to Japan at that time. Craig moved to Newcastle soon after and we do not know if he retains membership, but probably not, as his wife had a chronic bad back and couldn't ride in the TR which is why they sold the car.
March 2006

Capt. Craig Duthie (VIC) TR3A - 1960 model TS81454 O

This was taken in 1963 when the car was with its original Victorian owner - Tim Muir

Restoration completed in 1993

On display at the TSOA Concours VIC 1995 - won 1st in class and "Peoples Choice"

Another photo in 1995

As used for the Australian Grand Prix pre-race Drivers Parade - Pedro De La Rosa.

Commission # - TS81454 O ...
1994 - 3rd outright TR Register National Concours
1995 - TSOA Concours (VIC) 1st in class & "Peoples Choice"
1998 - TSOA Concours (VIC) 2nd in class
1999 - TSOA Concours (VIC) 1st in class & "Peoples Choice" - best Sportscar