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Drive Your Triumph Day 10th Feb - TR Register Australia 2018

This is a day to promote Triumphs of all types, many of which were designed by Sir John Black.
The date of February 10th commemorates his birthday.

Bega Valley "Drive" starters - with Rick, Bob & Keith at Kianinny Boat Ramp Tathra (far South Coast NSW)

As above but at Chamberlain Lookout Tathra (far South Coast NSW)

David Chapman (QLD) found "Black" Street on his drive and reveals that his birthday is on the same day as the Late Sir John Black.

Here's a good one - not in Oz but it is another Island in the Pacific - this one's from Dan in Hawaii.

Graham Brohan (ACT) took this good one in Canberra.

A strange aside from the above photo - Graham had just been to the funeral of well known veteran motorcyclist Eric Nelson.
Eric rode a Vincent BLACK SHADOW motorcycle bought new in 1951. He used to drag race the bike at Catlereagh and
Harman (ACT) circuits among others and was running 100mph in 2nd gear. He was a fine engineer and restored overdrives
in a number of ACT Triumphs.

Paul Middleton and TR visitor from Qld, Rob Bradford is with him. They were visiting the Sapphire Coast Vintage & Historic Car Club at Pambula.

Peter & Sue Clarke from Queensland Australia show their TR in Blackbutt Street (Blackbutt is an Australian tree)

Bob Watters added an artistic flair to the TRs driven to Chamberlain's lookout.

And Bob Watters took this photo of some Triumphs actually driving on the day.