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Bernard Doherty (VIC) - TR3 - 1956 model
Commission # 008

Read about my adventures driving across Australia in a car made in 1956.

I have owned my TR3 for about 21 years. It is a 1956 car, no.008 assembled in Australia. In that time it has undergone a part restoration (body off, new floors and spare wheel well). I drove it for about 12 years as a regular car and have used it regularly since. In 2001 I drove it from Brisbane (east coast Queensland) to Albany in Western Australia, a distance of about 2500 miles, in seven days accompanied only by my dog.
The photos below were taken on my 2001 trip from Brisbane (Qld) to Albany in Western Australia and show the car at the WA border and at the final destination - Albany...
This black and white photo is my first TR with my little sister on the bonnet. I told her to look sultry but she thought I said sulky!
It was a very sad long door, despite the front. It ended up as a short door due to my finding a 'not so sad' car in a back yard in Brisbane and putting the best bits together. It was orange when sold in about 1968/69. Has anyone seen it?