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David Cunnew (SA) - TR3A - 1959 model
Commission # TS45085L

David was fairly pleased with the result in the 2001 TSOA National Concours held
at the Birdwood Motor museum as he WON THE TR2 - TR3 CLASS
(no mean feat as he was against Rob Schaeffer's Concours winning 3A)

It was LHD car - build date: 27.2.59
The car was originally shipped from the UK to Chicago in March 1959.
It was Silverstone Grey with Targo Purple leather trim. Fitted with heater & whitewall tyres. No US history is known.
Imported to Australia in 1991 and required total rebuild. David has restored the car and converted it to RHD over the period 1991 - 1999.
Body colour now black (2 pack) with red trim. Now fitted with o'd gearbox & front anti sway bar. White hood, tonneau and side curtains.

David's wife, Nola, is seen (above & below) keeping a careful eye on the car...

David also runs a TR6 ...

...and to cap it all off, David was also the OUTRIGHT WINNER of the 2001 TSOA Concours
with his lovely TR6...