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                                         AGM Details 2020
The Annual General Meeting of the TR Register Australia Inc. was held on Tuesday 16th June. Because of the Covid19 restrictions the meeting was conducted using Zoom conferencing software with members logging in from their homes.

Full minutes of the meeting will be sent to all members in due course however the elected committee for the next year is as follows:
President – John McCormack
Vice President – David Ferguson
Treasurer – Tony Xerri
Secretary – Bob Watters
Membership – Tony Knowlson
Editor – Terry Hicks (assisted by his wife Jenny)
Regalia – Chris Olson
New Parts – Bruce Hoskins
Second Hand Parts - Mal Munro
Historian - Bob Watters
Committee: Rob Bradford, Russell Holliday and David Pearce, Peter Clarke

Rob Bradford stood down as Vice President to take a committee position and David Ferguson was elected to the Vice President's position.
John Pike and Gary Waite did not seek re-election and David Pearce is new to the committee.
                           We thank them for their contribution to our club over many years.

Special General Meeting

In conjunction with the AGM a Special General Meeting was held to accept the revised constitution, the vote was 85% in favour. The revised constitution will now be submitted to the Department of Fair Trading for ratification. The current constitution will remain in force until the club has received notification that the new version has been approved. Bob Watters Secretary

Revised 18/06/2020
Elected Positions 2020

John McCormack NSW       
Vice President:

David Ferguson VIC

Bob Watters NSW


Tony Xerri VIC

Terry Hicks NSW
Assisted by Jenny Hicks
New Parts
Bruce Hoskins NSW
Life Member
2nd Hand Parts
Mal Munro NSW
Life Member
Tony Knowlson VIC
Life Member

Chris Olson NSW
(assistants Alan & Cherylin Mitchell)

Bob Watters NSW

NOTE: Contact Bob for
TR Birth Certificates

Committee Persons
David Pearce TAS
Life Member

Rob Bradford NSW/QLD

Russell Holliday NSW
Life Member    
Peter Clarke QLD

State Co-ordinators 2020/21

State Co-ordinator
Phone Email
Peter McEwan H 02-6259 6479
M 0419 998 556


Andrew Ross

M 0412 274 635
Peter Clarke
H 07 3806 3158
David Stephens Mob 0448 115 468
David Pearce
Life Member
H 03-6398 2364
Victorian Historic
Club Plate Officer
Geoff Kelly  
Chris Keay PO Box 2192
Malaga WA 6944