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Ian Carlisle NSW
TR3A - Comm No: TS 38059 O    1958 model

2014 Update
Ian commenced restoration of the car in January 2006. Work consisted of a body off reconstruction including sandblasting, repainting and fish oiling. The motor and gearbox were rebuilt including synchromesh on first gear. Brakes, clutch, wiring, rear springs, radiator and anything else with a thread or bolt hole was replaced or repaired.                                                          Earlier work is described below.
Certainly a very nice restoration job!

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Previous Restoration

As purchased
And now - really dismantled ...
This is how Ian described his TR3A:

Triumph TR3A 2006

Above are a few photos of the TR3A I purchased in 2005 at Bendigo. Although running & registered in Victoria, attempts to obtain a blueslip in NSW failed.  (Fortunately!!)

The car was on it's last legs, rust more extensive than first observed, brakes needing total replacement, gearbox and motor displaying all the faults I now know about from journals and books on TRs.

The car is now completely dismantled and parts spread around the north/west area of Sydney being reconditioned.  Learning the hard way is character building they say.  By the end of this year I will be quite a character!!

Ian Carlisle