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Graham Brohan - ACT - TR3, TR4, Vanguard
LIFE MEMBER of the TR Register Australia inc
TR3 at Echuca Concours 2013 (photo Marlene Lyell©)
Here is Graham's latest project, a very nice restoration of a touring TR3 - he won the People's Choice award & 3rd place in Road Class 2008

Bob & Rhonda Slender present Graham Brohan (ACT) with 3rd place in Road Class 2008

Graham receiving the People's Choice Award 2008
Brisbane Concours 2005 showcases Graham's previous TR3A

This was Graham's previous Concours winning TR3A (won Concours from 1987 to 1991)

Recently restored TR4

Beautiful and rare Vanguard Sportsman

These photos were taken at the Canberra Concours in 2001 - Graham was one of the main organisers.
Graham with his TR3A at Tumut 1998. With a different car, Graham won the Concours from 1987 to 1991!
And ... this is Graham's engine bay at Beechworth in 1999 (well, it's actually the car's engine bay!)