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Kevin Boyce (SA) TR3A
1959 model
- TS 47554 L

Car was built 10.4.59 It was originally black with red trim. Disc wheels, no overdrive. Kevin purchased the car from Tony Case (SA) on 29/4/00 - body in undercoat.
2001 - car is in the process of a body-off restoration. Motor (fitted with 87mm pistons), gearbox (full synchro) & suspension have been rebuilt and replaced in chassis. Body has been repainted BRG with cinnamon upholstery and is close to refitting. Interior has full leather trim.
2003 update: Car now on the road and going well. Hope to fit overdrive this year!!
2004 update: overdrive on 2nd, 3rd, 4th fitted and minilites
2014 update car being used and going well

Earlier Material

The car was purchased in 2000 from S.A. coordinator Tony Case, it had been languishing in his shed for a number of years. The car was in pieces; the body hanging on with just a few bolts here and there and everythign else in boxes.
It was a full-body restoration everything restored and rebuilt. This past year I have had the full overdrive fitted on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear, which of course really makes the car. The car car is virtually a TR3B as it has the 87mm Pistons, the full syncro box, and of course the overdrive.