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Geoff Bills - 1958 TR3A - SA
Commission No. TS

This is Geoff's car pictured at Mount Pleasant in the Adelaide Hills

"My 1958 TR3A which I have owned now for twenty plus years . It came from California in the mid to late 1980's, I bought it from photos I received from a friend who was importing them at the time and it was original and complete, painted in primer grey. It turned out that it had a "Kastner" spec motor in it (as per the little handbook that used to be sold in the day), once I had the sump and head off, everything internally looked as though it had been prepared according to the book. A Kastner F(stamped) camshaft was in it and it runs something like 12:1 compression. As well as the engine, it was found to have a Detroit Locker differential in it.

I have done a body off restoration of the chassis and fitted an A type overdrive unit. I have tried to present it with an eye catching yet period look. It has taken part in one of the early official Melbourne to Adelaide Grand Prix rallies and another rally to Adelaide from Melbourne for the F1 GP (The Tour t'Adelaide). It has also been seen on trips to the Winton Historic weekend (as a spectator) and around the Victorian Alps and environs. Also has been into the Snowy River Scheme area of the Alps a couple of times. These photos were taken in the town of Mount Pleasant in the Adelaide Hills on a social run in early Jan 2011.