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Another contribution from Paul Bingham.

Paul says "Never Too Far in a TR".

Blackall Queensland

These TRs were built to TRavell

Blackall QLD, Paul & Rita Bingham

Paul Bingham sent in this in he said; "It took a bit of cooking".

It took a bit of Cooking!

Paul Bingham sent in this larger photo of a road train they encountered on their "run you have when you can't go to the scheduled Stanthorpe Concours in 2020".

They make 'em big in Queensland

Bob Watters has sent in this photo of his previous TR "Rumpole". It looks like he could park under the catamaran!

Paul Bingham sent in these photso of a BIG item from the "Spanner Man" near Boort Vic

The Spanner Man's work Shop is a bit like my work shop at the moment - spanners everywhere.

For some one who as been in a wheelchair since he was 8 years old, well done with all his projects.

Paul Bingham sent in this photo of member George Row (QLD)riding his own hand made Penny Farthing on a TR run.

In the background is David Chapman's TR2.

Not sure whether this is a BIG thing or an ODD thing - perhaps both. Certainly one wheel is much bigger than the other!

Paul Bingham has sent in this photo - which I mistakenly identified as a wombat!

Silly me - it's obviously a cricket playing Koala.

Peter Standen

These photos were taken on the Victorian shakedown trip to the Silo Art Trail. I thought I would send these photos from the trip for inclusion in the Big Things.

The silo is at Brim and should qualify as a big painting
(or thing... OR little cars).

The mallee fowl are at Patchewollock across from the pub.



Brian Richards

Brian Richards sent this one in after he saw his car parked between two SUVs. It makes you realise how small our cars are ... and certainly you wouldn't want to collide with a modern SUV or 4WD.

Are you sure that's not a pedal car model of your TR Brian??

As above - from Bob Watters

Perhaps these should be in a "small things" section.
Good things come in small packages.

Peter and Sue Clarke

On the way home from the 2017 Concours - "Glad this stray did not want to follow me home!"

This is the Big Dog at Glenreagh Pub in N NSW

Howard and Carroll Prior

At the Yarrawonga Mulwala Resort during the Albury Concours 2016.

Australia's first DC-3 arrived in September 1937 for service with Australian National Airways.

Ian & Susie Wall

Ian & Susie at the Albury War Memorial.

The 100ft high memorial was unveiled on AnzacDay 1925

Bob & Robyn Adams have been at the Big Things Again:(click to view each one)

2016 "We called in to Eldorado with the Hicks, Olsons and "Wild Bill" Newling - to see the Biggest Dredge in Australia and it's still intact. Engineer was Douglas Percy Fletcher" (no less!)

"In 1936 production of Cock’s large bucket dredge began, mining alluvial gold and tin until 1954. It was one of the largest dredges in the Southern Hemisphere – a floating monster weighing 2,142 tons and pulling the third most power from the State Electricity Grid after Melbourne and Geelong. In its 18 years of operation the dredge produced 70,664 ounces of gold and 1,383 tons of tin concentrate."
©Wangarrata Tourism

"The BIG ROLLING PIN is in Wodonga and yes it does actually spin. We took this on our way to Robinvale for the weekend catchup with some TR South Australians...






...We had a great time and discovered Robinvale is the home of the BIGGEST WINDMILL in the Southern Hemishere so how could we resist!. Cheers Robin"







(click to view each one)






(Rick) I couldn't resist adding this one - Rob & Bob included it by mistake - but what a beaut car ... "The Big Woody"!

The Christmas Leprechaun 2015
This is a turnup for the books!
In this case we believe that instead of visiting BIG THINGS, one of our poor members has been SHRUNK by the those malicious Irish faeries.
Jack Gault has added his contribution to BIG Things with this shot of the giant tennis racquet in Barellan (East of Griffith NSW), Evonne Goolagong's home town.
This is Jack's newly restored TR3A.

Bob & Robin Adams have added another couple of BIG THINGS to their tally as Robin deswcribes - "Have attached a couple more photos of BIG THINGS for you. I realise you have other cars with the BIG MERINO but being somewhat of an expert now I reckon this has to be the BIGGEST THING!
Also one of us in front of THE GIANT in Cootamundra."

Rob & Gail Allan with Denise McGuire and Keith & Judy Brown stopped off at the BIG KNIGHT (Knockrow near Ballina) and the BIG WINDMILL at Coffs Harbour.

This gave "Rumpole" the TR a chance to visit some new Big Things with his new master!

Bob Watters continues his "Tank Theme" ... in this case an Australian Army Centurion Tank (ex Vietnam). Taken at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra during the 2014 Concours.

"Australia purchased 150 Centurion tanks from the United Kingdom in 1950. They were sent to Vietnam, arriving in early 1968, where their firepower and offensive capabilities were great assets to the Australian Task Force. The tanks remained in Vietnam until September 1971. Centurion tanks remained in service with the Australian Army until 1977."
Source AWM website

Terry Hicks whilst picking up his newly restored TR discovered the BIG Merino in Goulburn NSW.

Noel Schmidt again - he's trying for the biggest!
The Caterpillar 777 trucks I operate certainly aren’t the largest in Australia but they’re still big. The air-conditioned dust free cabs with seven-speed power shift makes them easy to drive. The lack of vision combined with the size and left hand driver’s position takes a bit of time to get used to.

The 777 has a turbocharged aftercooled 12-cylinder diesel engine producing 765 kW & 1025 hp. Carrying a normal target payload of 100 tonnes the empty machine weights 64.4 tonnes, overall length is 10.535 m (34ft 7in), overall height with tub raised is 10.335 m (33ft 11in) and is 6.494 m (21ft 4in) wide. Top speed loaded is 64.5 km/h (40.1mph), fuel tank capacity 1136L (300 gal) and the tires stand about 2.7 m (8ft 8in) high.

Rob Bradford having another entry with these 2 which he and Jude discovered on a recent golfing trip.

Noel & Cindy Schmidt:

My little TR3A pictured in front of THE BIG CRAYFISH at Kingston, SA
"The Big Lobster is a tourist attraction located in the town of Kingston SE, South Australia. Known locally as 'Larry the Lobster,' the sculpture of a spiny lobster stands 17 metres tall, and is regarded as one of the most impressive of Australia's Big Things.
Designed and built by Paul Kelly for Ian Backler and Rob Moyse, it is made of steel and fibreglass and was intended to attract attention to the restaurant and visitor centre at which it is situated. The Big Lobster was opened on 15 December 1979 after six months of construction."
Source - Wikepedia with thanks.

DANGER 'Giant Wombats'
Naracoorte. 97kms north of Mount Gambier, is a World Heritage site listed by UNESCO for its fossils of ancient mammals, one of only two such sites in Australia.

Cindy, in our Triumph TR3A, is in front of a life-size statue of a Diprotodon, a forerunner of the wombat. Fossil bones from these and other super-sized ancient mammals (short-faced kangaroos, marsupial lions, etc) are still being found at Naracoorte.

Fossils there cover the period from 500,000 years ago to about 60,000 years ago when the animals became extinct. Many fossils are there because the poor animals fell into caves and holes and couldn't get out.

Ian Cuss, the Xerris and Ray Mullins during their WA adventure. The fellow who owns the truck is a mate of a register member in Esperance & had a 3A.

Bob Watters and his backyard submarine. a tank of course!

Oh dear - Bob & Robin Adams are completing their "circumcision" (as described by David Pearce!) of Tasmania.

I reckon this is one of the BEST Big Things photos (being a cricket tragic helps I suppose).

and see lots of other BIG things in Tassie (& one on the way there).

3 Dec 2013

Also see the PDF file of their final leg: AROUND TASMANIA

The first listing was thought to be Bob & Robin Adams!

It now seems that they were led astray by Rob Bradford - see below.

The second victim to succumb to this craze is KEVIN LEHMAN
who sent these photos of his "TR under a Drag Line in Coleambally, NSW"

Paul Bingham has decided to park in a drag-line scoop (Good Grief!). Where will it end?

With the existing chains, a handy padlock would secure the car from theft and if it rains or hails, you can just flip it over for ultimate protection!


In these photos, taken in August 2012 Rob has decided to find some shade under the BIGGEST thing he could find - in this case a Jumbo Jet.