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Peter Balind (NSW)
TR3    1956 model
- Commission # DTR 10242 OD

Peter says: "It is a 1956 small mouth Australian assembled car with overdrive all in very original condition.

Its is painted white (not sure if that is the original colour) with redish upholstery and black and red herringbone trimming [also called 'Hounds Tooth' or 'Basket Weave' - Triumph Sidescreen TRs by Graeme White pp 55-58 ... Rick].

I bought it in July from the Brownes in Western Australia who had owned it since 1965. It has been off the road since 1968 when it was in a small accident and was put into a shed where it seems to have picked up a few more dents. The chassis is very straight and the outer sills show some small signs of rust, but I'm hopeful about the inner sills. Its reasonably rust free apart from the usual problem with floors and boot floor that I will cut out and replace. There is some evidence of an attempt to restore the car as a new battery box has been fitted over the old battery box and the floors similarly have metal sheeting welded over the top of rusted floors.

The engine turns over and also seems to be in original condition. The car came with almost all of its original parts and many new/spare parts which will reduce some of the costs of the restoration. Overall it is a very good candidate for restoration and I will be doing most of the work on the car myself hopefully over a 5 to 10 year period."  (More details to follow as this exciting restoration develops.)

Original Hounds Tooth trim as fitted to some
Australian assembled TR3s
Peter has already made a start ... more pics to follow