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Colin Baldock (VIC) - TR2
1954 model -
Commission # TS1852 L

Colin has provided the following information with an update on 1st March 2106:
" The car is a long door TR2 bought in June 2001 via the Healey Factory. The car had been fitted with disc brakes, a high port head & an alternator (badly) when I got it. I haven't done too much to it since (kids still at school = no money) other than the high torque starter (best investment & highly recommended).

Geoff James sent me through an ad from about 1996 for the car and a little bit of history that he had. It was a SA car until about 96-97 and there are no details since then other than it was sold to a Melbourne guy. It was supposedly restored in 95-96 but since I have had it for ½ of the time since then. It was either a poor restoration or had an extremely hard life since as it is in very average condition and needs a complete body rebuild. The motor seems sound enough but gearbox is not a long term proposition.

The purchase was 25 years or so in the planning as I was involved with TRs when I was a uni student. A friend at uni had a TR3(?) & another friend bought a long door TR2 after some of my enthusiasm rubbed off. He still has it even though it has spent most of that time sitting in a shed on blocks after deciding just to ‘tidy a few things up'. Hence my reluctance to actually take it off the road and do any thing with mine (not too mention the lack of folding stuff)."

Eventually Colin decided to "bite the bullet" - see the continuing story below:

Taken at the 2006 Bendigo Concours.
This photo was taken near a shed not far from Ballarat.
An enlarged viewof the previous photo.

"The car developed a few nasty noises about 4 years ago so I stopped driving it and parked it for a while.

I then started to work on the mechanicals but the more I looked the worse the story got so I stripped it back to the chassis and sent that off to Triumph Sports Cars in Bendigo in June 2013.
Other than the front, the middle and the rear, the chassis was in pretty good shape so I got it back in September.
The project got put on hold while the daughter's wedding absorbed any spare funds but I have got back on to it in March.

The chassis is now painted and the suspension is being assembled. I will be investigating the body work repair next so we have got a long way to go."

UPDATE 1st March 2016
"Just thought I would send on a few more photos on the latest stage of my restoration.
I have moved from Ballarat to Adelaide and have managed to get into the car a bit more since locating to Adelaide with the help of a few sheetmetal workers, panel beaters and spray painters at my new place of employment.

Photos are shown below of the rear of the body being repaired (latest at the bottom of the page).

I have also created a website showing the development. I am hoping to get some feedback from the site with some pictures as my body has been extensively 'chopped' and in some instances it is hard to work out how it is meant to go back together. Some support would be handy as well as some possible words of encouragement. I started the website to 1. learn how to do a web site and 2. document the rebuild as I have found it difficult to get some good detailed on line information."         Website address is TR2

The photos below show the restoration: