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This "Club" was created in response to a suggestion from Mark Stuckey that since there was a Powder Blue "Club" and a Two Tone "Club"
maybe there should also be an "Aeroscreen Club" for those truly intrepid TR pilots who drive (& passenger) the proper way.
The Aeroscreen Club

If you would like to offer your Sidescreen Triumph TR for inclusion and you genuinely drive most of the time using
aeroscreen(s), please submit some proving photographs and some words about how such driving delights you!
No cost involved - it's just a fun thing. Open to anybody anywhere in the world.  Send it to the webmanager:  

Rainer Reinhardt - Germany:
has contributed to the
Aeroscreen club by sending photos of his current road TR
as well as his race TR competing across Europe

Secretary Mark Stuckey sent this Aeroscreen Club photo of his mate from the US.

He says: "Some friends just shouldn’t be allowed in one’s car!!"
Last seen disappearing into the sunset .... (click pic)


Andrew Gibson TR3A (NSW)

Andrew will provide a more complete summary but suffice it to say that this car has been driven most of its life with aeroscreens only.

See Andrew's Historic Page



Neville Turbit TR3A (NSW)

Neville has owned this 1959 TR3A since 1977 and has some excellent photographs of an earlier TR he raced at Amaroo Circuit in Sydney

Ivan Powell TR3 (SA)

Ivan and his co-pilot David Stephens travelled all the way from South Australia and
back again (5,000 km - 3100 mile) behind aeroscreens. A pretty fair effort from both of them - see the Full Story.

Whilst Ivan didn't come up with the idea of the Aeroscreen Club, his photo did suggest the concept to Mark Stuckey, another founding member (see below).

Mark Stuckey TR3A (NSW)

Mark has submitted a couple of photos and will follow-up with his aeroscreen story - see the Pics.

Carroll & Howard Prior TR3A (QLD)

" I love to drive with the aeros on and I think it makes the car look much better! We don't do it all the time, but Carroll is happy with it and we recently drove to Teds Davis's funeral behind the aeroscreen despite the threat of rain. " Howard Prior .... see the Pics.

Bill Revill TR3A (NSW)

"...the look.....? Personal preference of course, but I've always just loved the appearance of the TRs with aeroscreens. Again it adds to the 30's style and to the distinctive looks and feel of the car.

And the comfort...? Terrible of course! But it's not as rough or as windblown as you may think.

If you want comfort, get the modern car out of the garage...! " Bill Revill
.... see the Full Story.

Peter Ruta TR3A (SA)

"My TR3A wearing aero screens. I have had this car since 1984 and it mostly has the aeros on"    Peter Ruta

David Thomson TR3A (ACT)

"I am quite attatched to the Blue Car having owned it for 35 years. It lived up the street from me in Parhan Melbourne when I was in my late teens. The young owner took me for a spin around what is now the Albert Park F1 track and we did the "Imperial Ton" down the back straight. Very impressed needless to say."    David Thomson

.... see the Pics.

I can attest to David always driving his car with aeroscreens - having never seen him with the windscreen on! - webmanager

This is Mick Sullivan's TR3 (Tassie) nearing completion -
clearly also a candidate for the Aeroscreen Club

Simon Goodings TR3A (NSW)

Roger Gates - member of the Powder Blue Club and the Aeroscreen Club.

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