Gordon Victor Saunders NSW     1945 - 2016

I received the following email from Bob Slender recently (March 2016):

"Just in case you have not heard, sadly Gordon passed away in January following a short illness. I have only just found out and it came as a shock.

I had been talking to him at the Dec FOSC race meeting with his brother Bob and he was hail and hearty. Apparently he had a biopsy done of a lump on his neck. This was in fact a melanoma and had spread to the rest of his body.

Gordon was a kind and gently soul and will be greatly missed by Bob and the family. You may remember that he bought a register wreck and rebuilt it in 12 months. Even forging his own pistons. He raced it with us during the great days at HSRCA in the 90s and early 2000s.

He was a very talented engineer and a fast punter in the TR. After retiring the TR he then moved to competing with British Fords. Very sadly missed by those who were lucky enough to enjoy his company. May he rest in peace."

Tribute by Bob Slender

Bob Saunders was kind enough to supply and comment on the following photographs taken from a presentation by the family.
Gordon and Anne were the first to leave the family farm and come come to Australia in 1975. Bob and Lin followed in 1985.
Incidentally - Gordon's middle name was Victor - given, as he was born on the 15th Aug 1945 ...VE day "Victory in Europe"

Gordon in No. 11, centre left - an Alexis Mk14 at Brands Hatch 1970 (Druid's Hill Bend). Always an enthusiast.

South Bank band at Brands Hatch around 1970

This is the Alexis as bought - also showing Gordon's future wife, Anne - at the family farm in Mayfield, East Sussex

Australia (from 1975) - first foray into Go Karting - later to cost him some broken ribs at Oran Park - 1988

On the Fergy at Lakesland - their family property in Australia.

Wakefield Park - brother Bob Saunders and son Luke to the left. Many an enjoyable tussle with ither Register members.

In the 3A at Lakesland

Oran Park in the early 90s

In the Cortina GT1500 circa 1998 (later Red with a 2 litre OHC motor)

Bob suggests that this was a quiet pre-dinner drink at a BBQ held at Gordon's then home at French's Forest.
Bob was here on a visit in 1977 and the two had a couple of (dozen) drinks before the meal!
Gordon had the presence of mind to sit down after bowling this lot over. Rather aptly they were drinking "Courage" beer.