Sapphhire Coast Chapter NSW

Final Run of the Year - 31 Dec 2016

The Sapphire Coast Chapter had their final run of the year commencing from Kalaru and touring via Candelo in the beautiful Bega Valley. We had breakfast at Candelo in the restored General Store as can be seen below:

Presidents:  Bob, Cherryle, Claire, Paul, Rick & Joan were joined by honorary presidents Lesley and Tony
on loan from Victoria.

We toured on to the village of Wyndham via a scenic lookout where president Bob guaranteed us
an expansive and delightful view:.

Remember this from 2003 "Best of All Lookouts":

Tony, Lesley and Cherryle were really excited!!

Fortunately a later coffee stop at president Middos place revealed a lovely view - overlooking Twofold Bay (Eden) and a newly arrived cruise ship

We suspect that this may have been the LAST TR Register run held in the year 2016 ??