QLD Run to Toowoomba & Warwick - July - 2016

Report from Rob Bradford:
We recently did a week end run with 5 cars to the Jumpers and Jazz festival in Warwick, stopping over in Toowoomba on Saturday night for a Christmas in July Dinner with 3 groups from the TSOA at Gips Restaurant. Formerly the snooker room of a gentleman's house!

The weather was perfect and we found plenty of reasons to get lost on our way via some great back roads as yet un-explored.

"Jumpers and Jazz" runs for 10 days every year and is combined with a RAC show and shine in the closed off centre of Warwick on Sunday with 150 vehicles including some nice triumphs but no side screens.
From Warwick we returned via Queen Mary falls which is always a spectacular run including afternoon tea distractions with views.

Photos courtesy of Rob Bradford and Howard Prior.