Terribly British Day ACT 2015

A photo report from club Secretary, Mark Stuckey.

I went down to Canberra for the Terribly British Day on the 6th of December.

It was a wee bit hot and dusty at Weston Park but a fantastic roll up of a wide range of cars, including a terrific group of Triumphs, made for a great day.

The day was made all the better for me when I was able to catch up with the charming Nick and Carol Nowak from whom I bought my car.

There was also the opportunity to chat with a few ACT Register stalwarts who had enjoyed their Christmas get together the night before. A good day!

Mark's TR3A bearing aeroscreens.

Graham Biggs 1954 TR2, Frank Marshall's P/Blue 3A, Jack Gault's BRG 3A & John Blake's BRG 3A in the rear.

Graham Brohan's TR3 with the other cars as described above.