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Photo contributors include: Rick Fletcher, Gavin Rea, John Blake, + Bob & Cherryle Watters, Rob Bradford, Howard Prior

The Concours Winner - TR3, John & Leonie Johnson, Vic. - also Best TR3


The Concours Group undergoing judging


Keith & Judy Brown - 2nd in Concours & best TR3A

3rd Place in Concours - Bob & Jill Hayter

4th in Concours & Best TR2 - Chris, Jac, Katie and Charlie Copeland

1st Place in Road Class 1 - Graham Brohan TR3

2nd Place in Road Class1 - Gary & Robyn Waite

3rd Place in Road Class1 - Paul & Rita Bingham

1st in Raoad Class2 - Michael Jaques & Donna Newell

2nd in Road Class - Graem & Jo Corbett

3rd in Road Class2 - President Russell Holliday and Organiser Extraordinaire Kerrie Holliday

Winner of the Derivative Class - David and Jean Pearce in the Peerless

Winner of the Encouragement Award - Ross & Kaye Whitehead

Winner of the Rookie Award - Ian & Susie Wall

Winner of the Competition award - Gavin Rea